Do I actually like Harry Styles? Oder gibt es heute Grapefruit zum Frühstück?

Donnerstag, Mai 18, 2017 Sina Kristin | Studio56 0 Comments


Just a quick blogpost on all the nice tunes I've been blasting lately:

Number One (best song this month above all praise jesus) :  Malibu - Miley Cyrus

Number Two (yes, another Cyrus) : Stay Together - Noah Cyrus

Number Three (don't ask) : Only Angel - Harry Styles 

Number Four (this one surprisingly got me grooving to it non stop) : JoJo - Fuck Apologies

Number Five (yes, I am really into Miley Cyrus this month..aaaanyway main reason I like this one is that I really really love the original version, BUT their cover isn't too bad either^^) : Miley Cyrus feat. Ariana Grande - Don't dream it's over

Number Six (this one is kind of different? just listen to it.) :  Julia Engelmann - Grapefruit 

♥ ♥ ♥

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