Once I stopped looking for it

Montag, Januar 13, 2020 Studio 56 | studio fifty6 0 Comments

Once I stopped looking for it, I saw your face,
Never knew what this would turn into.
One night, some cards, and a hallway made me see you in a new way.
I never knew how badly I would be wanting to stay.

It didn’t start off perfectly, we jumped in too fast.
One week and you asked us to last.
I told you, there's no way, you smiled and made it feel so right.

Two weeks down the line, we are laying on the grass.
I hold your head in my hands.
And you're telling me none of what I asked.
We’re rolling on the floor at 11 pm, crippling, crumbling and crying.
The end. 

I go to bed, I wake up, I’ve never felt like this before.
Like somethings missing, like I got robbed of my most precious thing.
Days go by, I see you smile.
I shed so many tears, sit outside the club, see nothing but dark.
I cry myself to sleep, I walk myself at night.

Then we talk.
You open up once more.
Good communication that’s all we need. 

We try and try and I say that I can't do this no more.
You try to make it work, its fucking with your mind.
I come to try and comfort you and then we find ourselves hand in hand, heart to heart, like it’s the only thing we need.

We give it another shot, no point in acting like a fool, once its broken, no way to reconnect.
Man was I wrong.
As if that is exactly what we needed.

It all leads to more nights in the basement, Closer than ever before.
We go away, drive hundreds of miles, learn to laugh, learn to smile, I give my all, you give me more.
We curse and laugh, we cry and talk, we fight and hide, we joke all night.

You were the light in my life, the yellow to my green.


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