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Dienstag, März 24, 2015 Studio 56 | studio fifty6 0 Comments

I recently discovered the instagram page of @wearealluncool which is a project with the goal to unite in our differences in order to make social media more genuine & realistic.

I think living in the world we live in today, makes it sometimes hard not comparing yourself or your life to the lives of others. A huge contribution to this are of course the things we see on social media. People, including myself, tend to only post and present the good parts of their lives, happy days, laughters. We might even sometimes feel the need to present a certain facade on social media.
And many times this can lead to a fake or wrong impression.
Even the lives of the people we look up to aren't always full of sunshine and rainbows. We need to remember that the grass is and will always be greener on the other side... unless we manage to fully focus on our goals and blessings in life.

However I wanted to get on board this awesome project of #wearealluncool. It's totally okay to embrace yourself, your flaws and what makes you YOU.
So, here are a few of the things that make me not cool:

1. My whole life I have never been scared of the dark until recently. I don't know why but I got so extremely scared of it and I hate it.

2. I enjoy arguing.

3. I cry over boys while listening to love songs and pretend I'm starring in a movie.

4. I am terrible at giving advice. And I wish I was better at it, everytime someone comes up to me with their problems I am just kind of..there..not knowing what to say.
5. I am extremely anxious and shy around people I don't know. 


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