Artist of the Week - Rudy Francisco

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Simply turning words into pure art.

Definitions - Rudy Francisco
"Envy is when someone walks around with a pocket full of “That should’ve been me”.
Insecurity is when you turn up the volume on all the wrong voices.

Hate is what happens when you put a shotgun to the face of understanding and it cowers in the corner.

Courage is ripping your heart from your chest and saying “Here, hold on to this for me”.

Truth is everything you tell yourself when you realize you are the only one still paying attention.

Self is whoever you become when the door is locked.

Trust is jumping into someone’s arms and knowing you won’t have to pick yourself up when it’s over.

Love is a tablespoon full of hemlock that I’ve been dying to try.

Faith is doing what you love and watching the bills pay themselves.

Failure is when you talk yourself out of becoming something amazing.

Victory is standing in front of the school bully with no intention to back down and a fist full of irony.

Success is explaining to your mother exactly what you do for a living without feeling ashamed. It’s falling asleep at 2 A.M., waking up at 4 A.M. and going to work with excitement stitched into the fabric of your smile.

Success is a thank you letter from a kid who lives in a city that you’ve never even been to. It’s breaking up a fight between a person and everything that’s telling them they will never be more than what they are.

When I was fourteen, my friend Adam stole a dictionary from his English class. He brought it home and we set it on fire.
Since then, I’ve been defining things for myself."

All of his poems are so incredibly pure and beautiful. You can find the rest of his poetry here.
I also listen to this non stop.

Another one of my favorites..:
"[...] I assume it's because I usually find myself dedicating time to things
That will only last a few moments
That's also why I tend to fall in love with women
Who would never love me back[...] "

(extract from 'My Honest Poem')

-Goodnight :)

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Poems I never finished #2

Sonntag, September 20, 2015 Studio 56 | studio fifty6 0 Comments

"I have never truly loved.
Or have I?

I would remember your favorite song and listen to it on repeat
until the words were engraved onto my soul.
I would watch you sleep and see the dark skies turn blue, while this peaceful breathing of yours took my dreams away.
I would count the freckles on your face and darling, the way your eyes wrinkle when you smile,
I still know them by heart.
If the thought of you had a smell to it, it would smell like old lemonwood and pages of a book that haven't been touched in a very long time.

But oh well,
I have never truly loved I guess."

// S. - 2014

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Poems I never finished #1

Montag, Juli 27, 2015 Studio 56 | studio fifty6 0 Comments

"I remember the places
The stars upon our heads
I want to tell the world about the beauty I have seen 
about the tears I have shed

but all I can find myself doing 

is crumbling up the pages when midnight rolls around,
feeling every vein in my wrists go cold as the thought of you lingers my mind
still writing about nothing
but you"


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Wise Words Of A Friend

Montag, Juli 20, 2015 Studio 56 | studio fifty6 0 Comments

I recently had a conversation with a really close friend of mine. A special someone that I unfortunately never get to see anymore due to the fact that theres a giant ocean inbetween, seperating us. However when we get to talk, our conversations usually end up in these late night/early in the morning 4 hours long talks.
We talk about everything. He's just one out of a million; one of the few people you'll meet in life that will just easily captivate you with every single word they say. It's hard to believe but every conversation gives me so much, he's already taught me so much about life, the people in it and myself.
When we were talking the other day, we touched on the topic of what we want our lives to be like in the future. And a few questions crossed our minds-
Ever since people grow up they're taught to go to school, study hard, to then end up in a job that gives them nothing but pay their rent. I mean isn't there more to life?
Why is it so weird to others, not knowing what you want?
Why do people give you confused looks when you tell them, you don't want your life to be planned out from the start?
People associate being lost as something bad. Confusion is bad. Fear is bad. What if these things arent bad at all?
Why do we always, always have to know whats gonna happen next?
I feel like people need to start to learn that it might sometimes be the right thing to just let go of their fixed plans; let go of their ideas of what should happen tomorrow, next week, next year or even in 3 years.
Life has, and always will, turn out differently anyways. The tricky part is to understand that exactly this is the blessing we have in life and what we should be thankful for every day.

So now I feel like I should end this post with some words of my friend, that have stuck with me ever since: "Life is to precious to not do what you love. What else will you have to look back on in the future?"

Photo via tumblr

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"I find myself thinking at 4am. I find myself thinking about you.
I don't know who you are. I don't know when and how I'm gonna meet you.
All I know is what you are like.
You are all the things, I've mistaken the ones before you for.

You are loving, you are kind. You are the kind of person that doesn't give up on things. 
You admire simple things. You are silly at times. You hide your fears. 
You think life is an enigma, a beautiful mosaic filled with endless possibilities.

Even though forthwith you only exist on this paper, I'm aware of your existence.
I crave to know you.
I don't know where you are, I don't know what your life is all about just now.

But I know that our paths will cross at some point in this life."

// s.m.

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Donnerstag, Mai 07, 2015 Studio 56 | studio fifty6 2 Comments

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Artist of the Week: Iron & Wine

Dienstag, April 07, 2015 Studio 56 | studio fifty6 0 Comments

As for me, I fairly enjoy being alone in general, but a thing that helps me forget about the rushing world outside even more, is as simple as putting on some gentle tunes by Sam Beam.

To me there's nothing like listening to an artist with a soothing voice managing to calm me down each and every night.

--> Listen to Iron & Wine

-Good Night x

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We are all uncool

Dienstag, März 24, 2015 Studio 56 | studio fifty6 0 Comments

I recently discovered the instagram page of @wearealluncool which is a project with the goal to unite in our differences in order to make social media more genuine & realistic.

I think living in the world we live in today, makes it sometimes hard not comparing yourself or your life to the lives of others. A huge contribution to this are of course the things we see on social media. People, including myself, tend to only post and present the good parts of their lives, happy days, laughters. We might even sometimes feel the need to present a certain facade on social media.
And many times this can lead to a fake or wrong impression.
Even the lives of the people we look up to aren't always full of sunshine and rainbows. We need to remember that the grass is and will always be greener on the other side... unless we manage to fully focus on our goals and blessings in life.

However I wanted to get on board this awesome project of #wearealluncool. It's totally okay to embrace yourself, your flaws and what makes you YOU.
So, here are a few of the things that make me not cool:

1. My whole life I have never been scared of the dark until recently. I don't know why but I got so extremely scared of it and I hate it.

2. I enjoy arguing.

3. I cry over boys while listening to love songs and pretend I'm starring in a movie.

4. I am terrible at giving advice. And I wish I was better at it, everytime someone comes up to me with their problems I am just kind of..there..not knowing what to say.
5. I am extremely anxious and shy around people I don't know. 


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A letter to my younger self

Sonntag, März 22, 2015 Studio 56 | studio fifty6 0 Comments

So as I was just casually re-reading a bunch of conversations from 4 years ago it literally hit me in the face how much has changed. How much I have changed. The way I talk. What I say. And most importantely: The way I think.
And I thought it was time to share some of my thoughts.

Dear 16 year old me,

If I would tell you where you are right now in life at the age of 20, you probably wouldnt believe a word I'd say.
If I would tell you what you were able to experience during the last 2 years you would believe me even less. Those are things you can certainly look forward to. You you will have the time of your life.

However certain things concerning yourself have come to my attention. Right now you're torn between two guys, I guess. Let me tell you this: they're both not worth your time.
Honestly if you would know how much you'll laugh about this in 4 years time, man...

Anyways I know you're struggling right now so I'd rather give you some advice on how to handle the situation better (As I know you're not willing to turn any of them down at the moment, Oh dear.) 
So here are my words to you:
Don't let these anyone fool you.
You are too nice. 
Stop being so nice. 
If someone treats you like crap then they are not worth your time. 
Feelings will fade. 
The pain will stop and will leave you with nothing but little scars, maybe. 
But also don't waste your time hating anyone.
Focus on the bright sides of life, your life is awesome.

Your future self.

Alright. I wonder if in 3 or 4 years time Im gonna look back at my 20 year olf self and feel the same way Im feeling towards my 16 year old self right now.
I hope I won't stop making mistakes in the future because mistakes help me grow.
I hope I won't stop changing because change is good.

Future I'm coming for you.
-Your 20 year old self.

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Being a Dreamer

Freitag, März 20, 2015 Studio 56 | studio fifty6 0 Comments

While many people try to destroy the dreamers desires with their negative minds and ungrounded doubts dreamers will stand behind you with their endless hopes cheering you towards your future.
Life will become a colorful mosaic of hidden pathways, unexpected beauties, and spontaneous transitions.

Being in the current 'dreamer state' I'm in, I'm floating around between having the perfect future in mind and not knowing how exactly to get there. Which leads me to my next point:
Dreaming also includes feeling lost at times.
Sadly, people associate being lost as something bad. Confusion is bad. Fear is bad. What if these things arent bad at all? These things are life. And life is a Dream.
"People always focus on how to get somewhere they’re not right now. What’s wrong with the step youre on?"

Live the moment, give a lot and appreciate what you got right now. And most importantly don't forget to dream.
“You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us. And the world will live as one.”- John Lennon

While many people destroy our desires with negative comments and ungrounded doubts, dreamers will stand behind you with eyes on the horizon cheering you toward your future. - See more at:
While many people destroy our desires with negative comments and ungrounded doubts, dreamers will stand behind you with eyes on the horizon cheering you toward your future. - See more at:
While many people destroy our desires with negative comments and ungrounded doubts, dreamers will stand behind you with eyes on the horizon cheering you toward your future. - See more at:
While many people destroy our desires with negative comments and ungrounded doubts, dreamers will stand behind you with eyes on the horizon cheering you toward your future. - See more at:

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Something Bigger

Donnerstag, März 19, 2015 Studio 56 | studio fifty6 0 Comments

My belief has always given me strength, especially throughout the last couple of years. I know I wouldnt be where I am today, if it wasnt for Him. I know I wouldn't have had the chance to experience the things I did, if it wasnt for God.
Each day is a test of our ability to move beyond the trials and tribulations no matter how hard or difficult they may be. Life challenges us and makes us grow, always with the help of god.
I haven’t always been so passionate about a higher power.
However my spiritual awakening keeps growing each and everyday, and I am so thankful to be able to go through such enlightement. Even though there are days when it's hard for me to keep going, I try to find my focus and I remind myself that everything happens for a reason. Where I am in life right now is excactly whre I am supposed to be.

I know that I am blessed, and that life keeps blessing me every day. Thats also the reason I started trying to be grateful for every little thing like being able to hear the birdies whisteling in the early morning, seeing flowers begin to bloom, having light, having food, not having to wear a scarf to keep me warm for the first time this year, sun, moon, stars, tea, music, the smile this girl gave me the other day,.. this list could go on and on.

However the point is, that my belief has made me grow stronger. Everyone is free to choose what they want to believe in or not. I know that my belief has given me something to lean onto, and I still try to find and seek this guidance each and every day.

"It's always what you think it is." 

- to be continued - 

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Artist of the Week: James Bay

Montag, Februar 09, 2015 Studio 56 | studio fifty6 1 Comments

Ich habe gerade vor 5 Minuten den Geistesblitz gehabt ab und zu einen Post zu schreiben in dem ich einen meiner Lieblingskünstler vorstelle.
Das könnte ganz interessant werden, weil ich immer auf der ständgen Jagd nach neuen Künstlern und Inspirationen bin. Diese sind dann meistens recht unbekannt aber dafür umso toller.

Da dies mein erster Post in dieser Reihe ist, kann es hier einfach um keinen anderen gehen als meinen FAVORITE (of all time btw) : James Bay.

Wo fange ich an?
Erstmals zu unserer Vorgeschichte:
Das erste mal entdeckt habe ich ihn im Dezember 2013. Es war ein sonniger Nachmittag in Queenstown, Neuseeland. Ich hatte meine tägliche 10,5h Schicht bei Devil Burger noch vor mir, saß auf meinem Hochbett in Zimmer 3 der Alpine Lodge und scrollte durch Youtube.

Das erste Lied auf das ich hierbei gestossen bin war Let it Go.
An seiner Stimme, und an der ganzen Art wie er singt war etwas, dass mich auf Anhieb gefesselt hat. Insbesondere die Atmosphäre genau dieser Gondola Sessions unterstützt das ganze nochmal.
Mein Interesse war also geweckt und ich hörte mir mehr seiner Lieder an. Es war wirklich keins dabei welches ich nicht unglaublich schön fand!
Seine Stimme ist so sanft, man spürt total wie er Herzblut in seine Musik steckt.
Die drei meiner liebsten Lieder zu der Zeit waren: Move together, Let it Go und Need the Sun To Break. (Dies waren damals auch die Einzigen die es auf Youtube von ihm gab.)
Ich finde es immer so unglaublich wie allein das Anhören eines dieser Lieder mich so in diese Zeit zurückversetzten kann..

Es vergeht glaube ich kein Tag an dem ich nicht mindestens ein James Bay Lied höre.
Mittlerweile ist "Hold Back The River" das wohl bekannteste von ihm.
"Running" und "Scars" gehören auch beide zu meinen absoluten Favoriten.
 Ich bin so froh, dass es wirklich immernoch Künstler gibt die mit ihrer Musik Menschen, wie mich, bewegen und so viele Emotionen und Glücksgefühle wecken könne.

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The Best Playlist Ever

Montag, Februar 09, 2015 Studio 56 | studio fifty6 0 Comments

--> My Playlist

"Beautiful music is the art of the prophets than can calm the agitations of the soul; it is one of the most magnificent and delightful presents God has given us."

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Open your eyes

Sonntag, Februar 08, 2015 Studio 56 | studio fifty6 0 Comments

 Ich denke, jeder von uns leidet manchmal an einer Blindheit. Eine Blindheit, die von tief Innen kommt. Woher sie rührt, kann verschiedene Gründe haben:
Vielleicht wollen wir die Welt um uns nicht wahrnehmen, vielleicht wurden wir zu oft von ihr enttäuscht, vielleicht liegt es aber auch schlicht und ergreifend daran, dass wir nicht wissen was uns entgeht.

Jeder von uns befindet sich auf einer Reise. Eine Reise hin zum Schönen, zum Optimalen, hin zum Sorglosen. Auf diesem Weg allerdings scheitern wir so oft.
"Even the best fall down sometimes [...] "(Collide - Howie Day )

Doch ist es im endeffekt denn nicht genau dieses ständige Versuchen und  Scheitern was letztendlich der Schlüssel zum Augen Öffnen ist?

Wenn man es schafft Ja zum Spontanen zu sagen, Ja zum Abenteuerlichen zu sagen, Ja zum Ungewissen zu sagen gelingt es vielleicht die Welt um uns herum nicht nur in anderen Augen zu sehen, sondern wir lernen anders zu sehen.

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Thoughts on Gap Years

Samstag, Februar 07, 2015 Studio 56 | studio fifty6 0 Comments

Ich sitze hier jetzt seit gestern, und bin am überlegen wie ich diesen Post anfangen soll.
Dieses Thema liegt mir besonders am Herzen. Ganz einfach deshalb, weil ich so viele Emotionen, Gedanken und Gefühle damit verbinde und es besonders schwer ist all diese in Worte zu fassen.

Was ist ein Gap Year?
Nun, ein "Gap Year [...] bezeichnet den Zeitraum zwischen zwei wichtigen Lebensabschnitten junger Menschen." 
Ich selber schätze mich extrem glücklich, diese Erfahrung gemacht zu haben. 18.354 km entfernt von hier.
Es gibt so viele Gründe, wieso ich der Meinung bin, dass es die einzig richtige Entscheidung ist sich diese Auszeit zu nehmen. Und so lang wie nur möglich auszunutzen.

Während so einer Zeit, in der man auf sich allein gestellt ist, lernt man so unglaublich viel über sich selbst und über die Menschen denen man auf dem Weg begegnet.
Im Nachhinein ist es so unglaublich für mich persönlich zu sehen wie ich mich während dieser Zeit verändert habe, wie ich an all den Aufgaben gewachsen bin.
Ich fand es früher immer ein bisschen sehr weit ausgeholt, zu sagen man würde auf so einer Reise "zu sich selbst finden" und sich von Grund auf komplett verändern, dennoch versteh ich mittlerweile so gut warum es vielen Menschen so geht.
Um aber nochmal auf die Reise zurückzukommen, egal ob man nun 4 Monate, 6 Monate, ein Jahr oder 3 Jahre in der Weltgeschichte unterwegs ist, man wird in jedem Fall an seine Grenzen kommen, sei es psychisch, physisch oder auf sonst eine Weise. Und genau diese Grenzerfahrungen sind es schliesslich, die eine solche Zeit so unglaublich und unvergesslich machen.
All die Menschen denen man begegnet, prägen die Zeit so unglaublich. Es ist so schwer all die Gefühle in Worte zu packen.

Hier deshalb ein paar Worte die ich unterwegs aufgeschrieben habe und die meine Situation ein bsischen besser erklärten.
Wars das?
Was nimmt man mit? Eine Reise ohne Ziel, doch mit so vielen Erfolgen, Bereicherungen. Menschen die das Leben lebenswerter machten, die dir zeigten dass sich am Ende alles gelohnt hat, dir so viel schöne Momente bescherten. Schwer loszulassen, unmöglich zu vergessen.
Ich vermisse die Tage an denen wir mit unsere Herzen spielten, ohne Schmerz, nichts tat weh.

Vielleicht waren wir einfach zu verrückt für diese Welt.

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About me

Samstag, Februar 07, 2015 Studio 56 | studio fifty6 0 Comments

Sina K.

A 20 year old Student, currently walking this earth in Germany. With dreams, hopes and fears. One of those dreams being, to be able to go back to where she's lost her heart.
Seeking out for inspiration. Documenting her thoughts on life on this platform. Loving rain, old records and hot chocolate. Still debating on where she wants life to take her.

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