A letter to my younger self

Sonntag, März 22, 2015 Studio 56 | studio fifty6 0 Comments

So as I was just casually re-reading a bunch of conversations from 4 years ago it literally hit me in the face how much has changed. How much I have changed. The way I talk. What I say. And most importantely: The way I think.
And I thought it was time to share some of my thoughts.

Dear 16 year old me,

If I would tell you where you are right now in life at the age of 20, you probably wouldnt believe a word I'd say.
If I would tell you what you were able to experience during the last 2 years you would believe me even less. Those are things you can certainly look forward to. You you will have the time of your life.

However certain things concerning yourself have come to my attention. Right now you're torn between two guys, I guess. Let me tell you this: they're both not worth your time.
Honestly if you would know how much you'll laugh about this in 4 years time, man...

Anyways I know you're struggling right now so I'd rather give you some advice on how to handle the situation better (As I know you're not willing to turn any of them down at the moment, Oh dear.) 
So here are my words to you:
Don't let these anyone fool you.
You are too nice. 
Stop being so nice. 
If someone treats you like crap then they are not worth your time. 
Feelings will fade. 
The pain will stop and will leave you with nothing but little scars, maybe. 
But also don't waste your time hating anyone.
Focus on the bright sides of life, your life is awesome.

Your future self.

Alright. I wonder if in 3 or 4 years time Im gonna look back at my 20 year olf self and feel the same way Im feeling towards my 16 year old self right now.
I hope I won't stop making mistakes in the future because mistakes help me grow.
I hope I won't stop changing because change is good.

Future I'm coming for you.
-Your 20 year old self.

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